Support Indigenous Peoples 4 Peace

The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) is committed to work for indigenous people’s rights around the globe. It is with this commitment that WSCF-NA, at the invitation of the WSCF Advocacy and Solidarity Committee and at the request of the Student Christian Movement (SCM) and other partners in the Philippines, is creating this campaign to raise funds for the support of the Lumads people of Mindanao.

All the money raised will go to the Lakbay Lumad movement, to support their message as they travel speaking up against injustice and to raise awareness about the politically-motivated violence and forcible displacement they are experiencing, and how this repression is linked to foreign policy and multi-national corporate interests in the region; as well as providing concrete support to Lumad schools and community projects.

Donate to our Go Fund Me Campaign to support Lakbay Lumad movement. Learn more information here: Indigenous Peoples 4 Peace.