Letter of Call 


World Student Christian Federation North American Regional Executive
Advocacy and Solidarity Program Director

Download PDF: Letter of Call

The life of WSCF is based on local ecumenical groups of students called SCMs – Student Christian Movements – in universities and colleges who work, study and pray together. Presently there are 117 affiliated student groups in 94 countries, reaching out to over 2 million members worldwide. The North American Region is a fellowship of diverse ecumenical and denominational student Christian movements in Canada and the United States.

The WSCF seeks a regional staff person with a vision for nurturing dynamic ecumenical student movements in the US and Canada; committed to social justice; and desiring to work as part of an international team on global student concerns. This role will be under a 2-year contract with the opportunity to renew for a maximum of 8 years. Salary and Benefits are negotiable.

The North American Regional Executive and Program Director for Advocacy and Solidarity will serve as part of the WCSF’s staff team currently comprised of 7 executive staff – a General Secretary in the Inter-Regional Office (IRO) in Geneva (currently based in the Philippines), and the five other regional executives located in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, and a Fundraising staff.

The Regional Executive is employed by WSCF’s Executive Committee and supervised by the North American Regional Committee (NARC). The WSCF Regional Executive is responsible for coordinating, managing, supporting, organizing, and expanding the WSCF activities in his/her region according to the WSCF Constitution and WSCF Executive Committee, and guidance from NARC.


The responsibilities of this role fall into five areas.

  • Organization & Communication
    • Coordination and oversight of the work of member movements in the region
    • Bi-lateral coordination with the Inter-Regional Office and other Regions
    • Implementation of initiatives from the Executive Committee and Regional Committee
    • Communication To relay information from the Inter-Regional Office to the national movements in the region
    • To participate in the Executive Committee and the Inter-Regional Programs
    • To facilitate communication between national movements, regional committees Executive Committee, Inter-Regional Office, and other regional offices
    • Building and maintaining new and existing relationships within the region including:
      • Youth Movements
      • Non-Governmental Organizations
      • Church Executive Bodies
      • Senior Friends
    • To articulate the WSCF vision and communicate with outside partners, ecumenical institutions, other student organizations,
    • To communicate with the Trustees of the Centennial Fund (WSCF endowment fund) in the region so as to facilitate accountability.
  • Project Planning
    • Coordination of meetings and programs for the Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee
    • Support of National, Regional, and Federation programs
    • Preparation of project proposals, budgets, financial plans, project reports, financial reports and any other regional reports
  • Finance/Administration
    • Preparation of reports on regional administration and finances to the Inter-Regional Office, Executive Committee, and Regional Committee
    • Preparation of financial plans, budgets and actual expenditure reports along with the Treasurer and President.
    • Cultivating and pursuing fundraising opportunities with Churches, NGOs, and Non-Profits
    • Organization of yearly audits for regional accounts
    • Update files and records on regional administrative, and financial activities.
    • Escalation to the Inter-Regional Office and Regional Committee in the case of out-of-line situations
  • Personnel
    • Hiring, managing, and dismissing regional office support staff
    • Supervision of interns
    • Organization of regular meetings and trainings for the office and personnel,
  • Advocacy and Solidarity
    • Organization of  monthly online meetings with the WSCF Advocacy and Solidarity Committee (ASC)
    • Empowerment and coordination with regional Advocacy and Solidarity Chairs to plan regional AS work and liaise with the global committee
    • Communication with colleagues on the global staff team on issues relating to Advocacy and Solidarity in their regions and globally
    • Participation in global events/programs relating to Advocacy and Solidarity in regards with the Federation’s thematic priorities and the ASC’s work
    • Participation in the work of WSCF Preparatory Committees for global Inter-regional Leadership Training Programs where Advocacy and Solidarity has relevance
    • To liaise with the Interfaith Taskforce at the UN in New York and to coordinate WSCF UN work
    • Fundraising for the WSCF Advocacy and Solidarity programs and initiatives

Application Submission Information & Details

Qualifications: Preferred candidates for this position should have the following qualifications.

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s from an accredited University
  • Relevant job experience

Location: The Regional Office is currently located in New York, New York. Staff have the option to work remotely and will not be required to relocate to New York City. Relocation of the office will also be negotiated after its lease is complete.

Travel: This position includes travel to National, Regional, and Global events. Travel can be expected for 30-40% of the year.

Compensation: As mentioned above, salary and benefits will be negotiated. The Executive Committee of the Federation will finalize staff salaries and the Regional Committee will calculate their contribution based on the cost-of-living, experience, and regional capabilities.

Please submit the following materials by October 20, 2017. 

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Personal Statement 500-1000 words (this can be about your faith, theology, or social justice journey)

Logan B. Boese
President | World Student Christian Federation North American Regional Committee
Chair |North American Regional Executive Search Committee

Electronically: loganboese@gmail.com

Logan Boese
3005 Triverton Pike Dr.
Fitchburg, WI U.S.A. 53711
Apt. 205

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