It is time to stand up, to speak out

Reflection from Louis Tillman   Executive Committee Member of WSCF.

This past week I was privileged in having the opportunity to attend the 16th annual National Gathering of Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) which took place in Washington, D.C. The theme for this year’s gathering was A World Uprooted: Responding to Migrants, Refugees, and Displaced People.

Ecumenical Advocacy Days provided me the opportunity to utilize my evangelical and north American privilege to stand up and voice my mind on issues revolving around systemic racism and immigration reform. We are clearly in an era where the intersectionality environmental justice and faith is at its pinnacle. I learned more about the concept of environmental violence and environmental racism that flanks throughout our countries serving best in underprivileged communities of color.

Ecclesiastes 3:2 states “…a time to plant and a time to uproot…”

EAD showed me that this is the season where both death and new life can coexist to effectively build the kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.

A time to uproot racial oppression, infant mortality, recidivism, and a lack of refugee resettlement within our country.

A time to plant love, gender equality, equal access to opportunity, and epistemic disobedience within our country in hope to finally seal the privilege gap shut within this presidential administration.

I found myself asking the question over and over again “Lord, how may I best fit into your plan of action?” I know is time to stand up, to speak out .

Louis Tillman

WSCF Delegate from the Lutheran church
Executive Committee Member of WSCF

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