Ecumenical Gathering about Migratory Theology in Mexico City

We are excited to present the WSCF delegation that will be participating in the Ecumenical Gathering about Migratory Theology in Mexico City from October 24 to 26, 2018.

This gathering will provide an open space for Young Theologians, University Students, and recent graduates to reflect critically about colonization, faith, pastoral care, and the church’s role in advocating for justice. One of the outcomes from the gathering is the creation of theological reflections and materials that can be used by different denominations of faith in both English and Spanish.

We pray that you find value in the training the future ecumenical leaders in developing a Prophetic Voice on the most critical issues of immigration in the region.

To donate online, please visit our website: WSCF Connect

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WSCF delegation from United States and Canada

NARA Ecumenical Gathering


NARA Ecumenical Gathering

“Racial Justice, Sanctuary Movement and Our Prophetic Voice”

Every two-years the WSCF North America organize our Regional Assembly (NARA) to elect regional leaders and plan the actions over the coming years. This Labor Day weekend, we are expanding NARA to empowering youth leaders from a range of different denominations with a focus on tackling issues of both racial justice and immigration. The expectation is through attendance at NARA participants will:

Reflect by faith the importance to act in promoting justice for all oppressed communities. WSCF-NA is focusing on deep theological reflection and faith as a basis for action to provide a more profound footing for activism and work.

Commit to key actions in solidarity with their church community or student Christian groups. Participation in NARA is not something a participant checks off but rather a commitment to act in solidarity.

Develop lasting ecumenical friendship that will help guide and build the future of theological sound and active progressive prophetic voice and select the future NARA committee.

The NARA Ecumenical Gathering is reaching out to a number of speakers who are experts in the area of racial justice and immigration that can tackle the issue both from a policy perspective but also in a basis of faith.

The NARA gathering is designed for university student and young professionals that are active in their campus ministry or church and interested in growing deeper in their faith and social justice.

Cost includes meals and materials.
Registration $50

The full agenda and registration website will be available starting on June 18, 2018.

Scholarship available for active students between the ages of 18 to 25 years old.



Cahoots Fest 2018

Cahoots Festival will be celebrating its fifth year in existence as those gathered continue to celebrate Faith, Justice and DIY. 

This year Cahoots theme is “Leaning into discomfort “. Speakers and workshops will help you to work through important conversations that necessitate entering into spaces of discomfort – and we need to know why we’re doing this, and how to do it well.

May 4 to 6, McArthur Mills, Ontario