Our Organization

The World Student Christian Federation-North America (WSCF-NA) is one of the six regions of the WSCF (www.wscfglobal.org), a worldwide ecumenical federation of over 100 national grassroots Student Christian Movements (SCMs) present in more than 90 countries with an exciting history, since 1895, and a 21st Century prophetic vision for peace, social, economic, gender and ecological justice. The WSCF provides opportunities for students to be engaged in critical thinking, ecumenical formation, leadership training, innovative theological and biblical reflection, advocacy and solidarity activism and inter-regional exchanges. The WSCF-NA provides the coordination of ecumenical student activities in the US and Canada and connects North American students to the rest of the global federation.

The WSCF-NA is a community of students and youth committed to embodying the radical and prophetic words of Christ. As one affiliated national member movement (SCM-Canada) and four associated movements (SCM-USA*, Lutheran Student Movement, United Methodist Student Movement, and Jeunesse Etudiante Chretienne) connecting to the global World Student Christian Federation, we represent a number of Christian and spiritual denominations, cultures and traditions, and strive to offer an anti-oppressive community of living ecumenism.

WSCF Around the World

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Affiliated Member Movements

Student Christian Movement – Canada
Student Christian Movement – USA

Associated Member Movements

Lutheran Student Movement (USA)
United Student Methodist Movement (USA)
Jeunesse Etudiante Chretienne (Canada)

Agape Ecumenical Center of Italy
Alliance of Baptists
American Waldensian Society
Ecumenical Women
Episcopal Church USA
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church
General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, United Methodist Church
Kairos Canada
New Community Project
Peace for Life
Presbyterian Church USA
Rutgers Presbyterian Church
Stop Hunger Now
The Canadian Council of Churches
The National Council of Churches (USA)
The World Council of Churches
United Church of Canada
United Church of Christ
US Trustees of the WSCF
Waldensian Church of Italy, Otto Per Mille Fund
 World Day of Prayer
Youth Council – PWRDF