The North American Regional Committee, or NARC, is the governing body of students and senior friends who oversee the work of the region. Members are select at the annual North American Regional Assembly. The current membership is as follows:

U.S. Co-Chair and President of the Board: Logan Boese (Saint Peter, MN, USA)

Logan B.Logan Boese currently serves as the U.S. Co-Chair and the President of the Incorporated Board for WSCF-NA. Logan joined the NARC in 2014 as the Lutheran Student Movement Representative at Large. Logan served as an Executive Committee Proxy to the 2015 General Assembly in Bogota, Colombia. In May of 2015 he was elected as the Secretary of the Board and in June of 2016 he became the U.S. Co-Chair. He completed his undergraduate studies at Gustavus Adolphus College (ELCA) with majors in both Religion and Philosophy. Logan currently lives and works in Madison, WI as a Project Manager for Epic Systems Corporation. He is a member of All Saints Lutheran Church (ELCA) where he teaches Sunday School and assists with services. If you would like to contact Logan please feel free to reach him at

Canadian Co-Chair and Vice President of the Board: Cydney Proctor (Halifax, NS, Canada)


Cydney had been involved with the justice side of her faith for as long as she can remember. Before coming to NARC, Cydney worked with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund on their Youth Council, and traveled with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank on a food study tour to Nicaragua, and since her return has talked extensively about food security. Cydney also, for a while, worked in youth and campus ministry. Cydney works professionally in journalism and communications, and enjoys good food, good friends and good fun. Church affiliation: Anglican Church of Canada.

Treasurer: Linwood Blizzard (Boston, MA, USA)

photoLinwood Blizzard, II is a graduate student at the Boston University School of Theology pursuing a Doctoral of Philosophy in Practical Theology with a concentration in church and society. He serves as a Co-Leader of The Refuge Young Adult Ministry and as an Associate Minister at Morning Star Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 2009 at the Saint Paul’s Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. Currently, he serves the World Student Christian Federation as one of the lead organizers of the Student Christian Movement at Boston University, treasurer of the North American Regional Committee, and chair of the global federation’s Bible and Theology working group.  Linwood holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Divinity degree from Howard University. He became involved in the WSCF in 2010 while at Howard University after serving as Co-Chair of the Washington Theological Consortium’s Student Board and while serving as President of Howard University School of Divinity’s Student Government Association.

Secretary of the Board: Elyse Brazel (Ottawa, ON) 

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.14.56 PMElyse has a heart for justice and a love of community building.  She has an undergraduate degree in the visual arts (BFa Art and Design) and during her graduate studies Vancouver School of Theology she focused on using the Arts as a tool for relationship building with people of different religious/philosophical backgrounds. She graduated with a Master of Arts in Public and Pastoral Leadership (MAPPL) and also received a Certificate in Indigenous and Inter-religious Studies. Elyse also studied in Rome at St.Thomas Aquinas Pontifical University as part of a 10 month long international inter-religious fellowship program through which she received a Diploma in Inter-religious and Ecumenical Studies. She is currently the Education Coordinator at UCalgary’s Faith and Spirituality Centre where she develops inter-religious engagement programs and religious literacy resources that help foster a spirit of pluralism on campus.

Canadian Executive-Committee: Bran Friesen (Winnipeg, MB, CA)

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Bran is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory, and currently works with the Canadian Red Cross in disaster management on traditional Shuswap territory. Pursuing her master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, she is passionate about reconciliation, addressing privilege, whiteness, and addressing social silences by creative means. See her project ‘Portraits of Justice‘ for a glimpse of her work.  Bran also sits on the reference group for the World Council of Churches program, the Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace, as the WSCF rep. 

US Executive-Committee:
Louis Tillman (Chicago, IL, USA)

hbcjgnfei_aecvjdrkowkqe84byb53g0mctyxj0yq9a7mlvqit-opsoldkivsdh2u7yyce461xt2e2khhgp5ja-czcms2048-1Louis Tillman is from Atlanta, Georgia. He recently graduated cum laude from Carthage College in 2013 where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts degree in Business Administration and Public Relations. He is currently in his second year of seminary at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. A great deal of his ministry involves community organizing, community activism, racial justice, and Black liberation theology.

Advocacy and Solidarity Coordinator: Aude A. Isimbi (Baltimore, MD, USA)

img_7910_optAude is a Pentecostal Christian originally from Rwanda whose connection to her faith grew out of her struggles following the genocide there.  Her life journey has included significant time in Tanzania and Canada before she landed in the United States. Both her B.A. in psychology and her current work towards a Master’s in sociology bespeak her passion for helping people to better lives; a passion which is also evident in her work for social justice from her base at Stony Point Center in the Hudson Valley of NY State, including activism in ecojustice, mass incarceration, islamophobia and race relations.  She currently provides Christian leadership to a multi-faith Summer Institute program for young adults.

Bible and Theology Coordinator: Melanie Yong (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Melanie Yong is a graduate student at the Boston University School of Theology pursuing a Masters of Divinity. She served as the Advocacy and Solidarity representative of Asia Pacific and is the Southeast Asian representative in the Human Rights, Justice and Peace committee. While in university, her involvement in activism grew as she became part of sociopolitical discussion groups and joined a Freedom Film Festival. After graduating with a Bachelor of Communications degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia, she started working full time in SUARAM, an organization working on the right to trial, freedom from abuse of police powers and law enforcement agencies; freedom of expression and information; freedom of religion and the right of minorities. It was in 2013 that WSCF was introduced to her and she found the intersection between faith and social issues lived out in hundreds of students around the world. Melanie was raised in the Pentecostal church in Malaysia and hopes to work deeper in the area of critical consciousness.

Women, Gender and Sexuality Coordinator: Sarah Wynne-Taylor (BC, Canada)

Wynne is a queer, disabled feminist whose faith is inextricably linked to social justice advocacy. They live in Edmonton, Alberta, where they make music, find home and participate in community both local and far-flung.

Communication Coordinator: Zillah Wesley (Washington, DC, USA)

Zillah F. Wesley, II is currently working for a Washington, DC base non-profit in programs. She attends Peoples Congregational Church United Church of Christ (UCC). She loves being apart of the UCC denomination. She believes that faith and justice go hand and hand. Both of her parents taught her the value of helping others and being true to oneself. Zillah is excited and thrilled to be apart of World Student Christian Federation – North America. She is on twitter at @zidc25.

At Large Representative for the PWRDF: James Mesich (Guelph, ON, Canada)

James is from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario and is currently living in Guelph Ontario in his first year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in zoology. He is a representative of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. New to the PWRDF family James got interested in the organisation while serving as a Youth Representative for the Diocese of Algoma at the 2016 General Synod where he heard about the council and what they did. James has always been interested by the cultures and people from around the world and saw an opportunity to expand his understanding of the world while making a positive impact in it. He can’t wait to get started in his work with PWRDF and hopes to make that positive change happen.