10403007_10153153780932138_2773229390111133706_nNorth American Regional Secretary: Luciano Kovacs

Originally from Italy, currently living in New York, NY – Church Affiliation: Member of Waldensian Church (reformed) of Italy and senior friend of FGEI, the Italian SCM of WSCF Europe.

Luciano Kovacs, as the Regional Secretary, acts as the face of the Region, building partnerships with other ecumenical and justice-oriented groups, connecting the Region with the rest of the global Federation, and empowering the students within the member movements and local units, as well as overseeing the day-to-day business aspects of running a non-profit organization.

“SCM and WSCF have shaped my life in untold ways and are fully part of my identity. I was involved in SCM/WSCF as a student in the 1990’s at local, national and international levels. SCM gave me enormous tools to articulate the connections between faith and justice, to harness leadership skills and to be formed as an ecumenist. WSCF has been my international community, my church and my family ever since and continues to provide an important platform for my involvement in justice issues. I currently serve as one of the global staff of the federation and I provide some of the leadership I have learned through the WSCF! – Luciano Kovacs