Our work is to empower students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of our world by being a space for prayer and celebration, theological reflection, study, and analysis of social and cultural processes and solidarity and action across boundaries of culture, gender and ethnicity.

‘We are many, we are one’ – these are the words that represent the vast diversity of members within WSCF, and the single unity we have in Christ. As a diverse global federation, we work across boundaries of race, sexuality, gender, class or culture to protect the dignity of all people through dialogue and prayer, especially those who suffer discrimination from those in positions of power.

We do this work that is in line with our mission through the following programs: 

Advocacy and Solidarity

We stand firmly in solidarity with students, movements, and people around the world, especially in situations of oppression and exploitation, human rights violations, conflict, war and violence, and natural disasters, and advocate for systemic change in the world and in different contexts. We do this through grassroots action, Ecumenical Advocacy Days, letter writing campaigns, and providing spaces and opportunity for dialog and discussion.

Bible, Theology, and Creative Liturgy

Stimulate the study of the Bible and promote theological thinking among Christian students to help them understand the call of God in their lives. The Bible and Theology program engages the region in its call to be God’s agents in addressing the world’s current challenges such as war, poverty economic injustice and the threat to our planet.  

Women, Gender, and Sexuality 

We work on developing a greater dialog, understanding, and unity within the church while affirming the dignity and voices of all people. We work on creating open spaces to develop a theological understanding on Human Sexuality. To this end, we held a recent regional event in Canada in to focus on your Faith on Feminism (link).